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BEGINNERS' PAGE for prayer and approaching God - alone or with others. 

 Welcome! You see me above as a youth, a new deacon before Maman, and offering Holy Mass via Skype during our Covid-19 lockdown. God is with us in daily living. Call to mind scenes from your own life journey to discover signs of God's presence and care for you. 

Are you in an engaged couple, or thinking of getting married? Montreal offers a Marriage Preparation Course called "From This Day Forward". Since 2016 I have been Chaplain on the wonderful Team eager to accompany you on this important journey of faith. Here is a note of congratulations from me, your "family life chaplain" on taking this bold step in your lives.  👉 Letter to Engaged Couples  

Script for our Seminar on God - Life - Marriage - Family - Prayer  

Indiana Jones' "Last Crusade" 👉 
an analogy of the Christian life  

People of good will sooner or later look to connect with God / the Creator. These "Pilgrims of the Absolute" discover various practices such as those 
Jesus demonstrated  that help on this journey of faith. The human heart desires to come into "sync" with God. Here then are some elements and disciplines of living that open our spirit within to be drawn into the life, love, and communion of the Most Holy Trinity. To quote Saint Augustine in his "Confessions", his autobiography:  "You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” (Crossroads Initiative)

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"O Holy Spirit promised by Jesus, inspire us with trust in God; help us be willing to be led. As we scroll through the following Christian practices and disciplines, enlighten us to discern wisely what to do next in accord with our own individual, family, and communal journey. In time, bring us closer to Jesus who wants to bring us to the Father. Holy Spirit, by your grace may we gratefully, generously, and enthusiastically enter into and make good use of these spiritual exercises. Amen." 

Jesus offers every human being, each person, to enter into a personal relationship with Him... hard to believe? Check this out....


1. Here's a good place to start: 👉 ENDING THE DAY WELL & STARTING THE DAY WELL 

2. Are you having doubts about whether or not God is real or whether He truly cares about you or your family, or are you troubled by God's apparent "absence" or "silence", or struggling to know or to do God's will? You may identify with some of the questions or find useful and of value some of the clues or suggestions offered here:

3. What's all this about silence? -
Atheists point to the silence as proof that God doesn't exist. Why is God so silent? Is there something wrong with me that I can't "hear" God? How does one begin to get "in touch" with God? Check this out
 👉 GOD LIKES TO BE FOUND IN SILENCE   Let Fr. Gilles lead you in silent prayer 👉 MP3 file 

4. Exploring my "interior landscape" - Not sure how to make room for God in your "interior landscape" during the day? Here are a few simple examples of prayers you can try out for yourself and maybe share with your fiancé or spouse, children, relatives, and friends.... 👉 Catholic Christian Couple & Parent Devotion Ideas for all day long....

5. Seeing your day as providing "spiritual moments" - Not certain about when to approach God in the course of your day's living and activity? Here are some typical moments in our days that are opportunities to "make room for God" in our own "interior landscape".... Have fun with these... and share them with your fiancé or spouse, children, relatives, and friends....

Catholic Christian Couple & Parent Spirituality Moments for Daily Devotions all day long....

6. HOW TO PRAY - 👉 (1) Praying - What is that

(2) 👉 Praying alone or 

(3) 👉 Praying as a couple or  

👉 Praying as a family  

👉 Good R.C. Bibles - Why R.C. & Protestant Bibles - How to read the Word of God  

6. (6)  Praying the Liturgy of the Hours with the Church worldwide 24/7... this is amazing.... and even online.... you may have to sign up but it's free... includes hymns, psalms, prayer intentions, Scripture readings... Divine Office is the one I use (Fr. Gilles) 

👉 Divine Office dot org  Divine Office dot org has an audio version so you 
can listen as well as read along. There are also other versions:    👉 iBreviary...   

👉 Universalis...    👉 en Français...    

6. (7) Praying the Rosary - 👉 Brief Instructions

                  👉 Detailed Family Guide

👉 The Most Holy Rosary Mysteries - pondering the Mysteries in the life and ministry, passion, death, & Resurrection of Jesus by adding phrases to each Hail Mary as suggested by Saint Pope John Paul II in 2002  

👉 Mystères du Très Saint Rosaire - contemplant les Mystères dans la vie et le ministère, la passion, la mort, & la Résurrection de Jésus en ajoutant des phrases au "Je vous salue Marie" tel que suggéré par le Pape Saint Jean-Paul II en 2002

👉 New Holy Rosary Mysteries - A grace in August 2018 while on vacation at MHA - "filling in" the complete panorama of the Word of God throughout Salvation History  

👉 Nouveaux Mystères du Très Saint Rosaire - Une grâce en août 2018 en vacances à MHA - "pour compléter" le panorama entier du Verbe de Dieu dans l'Histoire du Salut

                                 6. (8) Praying with 👉 Icons and Statues  
Do Catholics Worship Statues? - Clarifications - Guiding Us Home - Jesus Is the Reason - Adoration Is As Adoration Does - Conclusion 

(There's a big difference between praying "to God" and "with the saints".)  

Praying with  👉 Statues and Images  

 Do Catholics Worship Statues? - God Said To Make Them - The Religious Uses of Images - What About Bowing? - Hiding the Second Commandment? The Form of God? - The Answer Is No - Idolatry Condemned by the Church          

       6. (9) Developing a Personal Relationship with God - yes, believe it or not.... Here are 👉 3 Ways to develop a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit

In greater detail, here is 👉 How to live in communion with God the Father in the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ the Lord 


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7. Don't you ever get a real REST? Believe it or not, resting is actually part of God's plan for us, his children! 
 day - "time-out" from
"shopping till you drop"!

I don't know about you but....

(4) 👉 Keep Holy the Sabbath - from our brothers in the Knights of Columbus.... 

(5) 👉 The Lord's Day of Rest in a R.C. Family - Preparing the Lord's Day Together - one young family's experience in Montreal then Guelph...

(6) 👉 Keeping Holy the Lord's Day by Catholic Answers 

(7) 👉 Confessions of a Former Sabbath Breaker... It's good to get "busted"

8. Meeting Jesus through the priest - 👉 Preparing for Confession - the Sacrament of Reconciliation - believe it or not, when you meet a priest for Confession, it is actually Jesus who is there receiving you, listening to you, caring for you, guiding you, forgiving all your sins, and then sending you out to be "good news" for your family, your neighbor, and even your enemies!

9. Helpful "Tips" on the experience of Prayer as "real time" 
connection with God... no kidding!

(1) 👉 St. Augustine's Letter to Proba... watch for what he says about exercising "desire" - this is crucial to understanding the "ways of the Lord", that is, the way in which the Lord our God goes about governing the universe in general and us and our lives in particular...

(2) 👉 On the Lord's Prayer by St. Cyprian... you won't believe all that's in the "Our Father" - Jesus foresaw all that we would ever need in this life....

(3) 👉 Prayer - Going from Absence to Living Presence... a beautiful, inspiring reflection...

(4) 👉 Emotions Connect Us... we are incredibly 
complex and beautifully made... awesome....

10. Here's an "overview" of 👉 Christian Disciplines for Roman Catholics... this is not exhaustive but it is a useful overview of the human and Christian activity in our "interior landscape".

11. Jesus offers every human being
👉 "
new paradigm" for life in abundance... check this out! 

Looking for perspective in your life? Check out this Google Talk by Stephanie Gray - 👉 "Love Unleashes Life" 

In fact, Jesus offers everyone a 👉 "Family Life Chaplain", that is, a R.C. priest to offer to those who wish some "life coaching" for their faith journey in their "search for God" or "quest for this new abundant life".

👉 Check out the "Joyful Ever After" Site and Catholic Marriage Summit - you won't regret it!

12.  Jesus is the best Teacher, Mentor, & Friend - the Good Shepherd, our Saviour     

(1) Jesus helps us with anger... and other "deadly sins" and 
👉 their remedies    

(2) Jesus helps us acquire a "pure" heart, capable of authentic love....

 👉 HEALTH & SEXUAL RECOVERY TO CHASTITY - For a full and unfettered outlook on human life, sexuality, & happiness, for the sake of meaning, purpose, and direction freely given to one's life

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Having trouble with anything on these web pages? Do you have any questions? doubts? worries? Would you like a little coaching to help you get going? Perhaps you have experience but feel a little stuck? Please feel free to contact me. THANK YOU for you support, assistance, and prayers. I pray for you - please pray for me. God bless you and your family. 

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